Dot-Matrix Hologram allows implementing unlimited computer controlled and laser beam

engraved dots in holograms. This holograms are the result of designs comprising many tiny dots,

where each dot is a separate diffraction grating. They create a beautiful impact of variable

images. Dot-matrix Hologram Stickers can have lots moving, flipping, zooming effect,etc


Dot-matrix Hologram Stickers Stickers  1

Stickers list 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

This Sticker is 2D/3D and Dot-matrix Hologram recombination. There're two layers on Sticker.

The image of bird is 2D/3D Hologram image which is in the second layer behind text..

The zoom in zoom out green blue ray on rhombus is the effect of dot-matrix Hologram.


Hologram Dot-matrix effect

Dot-matrix Hologram effect A. Zoom in Zoom out effect: circle, square, rhombus, polygon, word, curve

Dot-matrix Hologram effect B. Movement of curtain effect: two direction, one direction, or XY_ direction

Dot-matrix Hologram effect Cc.Pearlescent effect: voluntariness polygon movement of ray, random kinetic
movemnt ray, combination of kinetic movemnt ray

Dot-matrix Hologram effect D. Revolving ray effect: whatever revolving shape of curve, revolving effect of line, etc

Dot-matrix Hologram effect E Projective effect: whatever word, whatever font, recombination of image projection flex

Dot-matrix Hologram effect F. Switch effect: Different flips switches wtih different viewing angle

Dot-matrix Hologram effect G. Three-dimensional effect: word has fasle three-dimensional effec

Dot-matrix Hologram effect H. Micrn text effect: line of font can be 0.02mm, letter can be in size of 0.2mm

Dot-matrix Hologram effect I. Random matrix: dots blink in dieerent viewing angle