Overprinting Released Hologram Stickers Stickers

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Overpriting released Hologram Stickers leaves black overpriting word 'VOID'

after Sticker peeled off. It also can be red and other colors.


Overpriting released Hologram Stickers leaves

red overpriting image after Sticker peeled off


Company: Shanghai Henglei Hologram Co.,LTD
Address: Room 503, Building 16, Rui Hong xing cheng, #133 LinPing Bei Road, (Near Subway Line 4, Hualun Rd Stop),Shanghai City, 200086, China
Tel/Fax: 0086-21-61236144 (David song) Or please send email to Mr.song

E-mail: service@hlhologram.com
Contact Person: Mr.David Song(Marketing Manager)
E-mail:zxsong@hlhologram.com MSN: Davidsong968@hotmail.com


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